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Talent Concept

The staff is always the most important wealth of enterprises. People oriented, talent thriving enterprise, is one of the long-term strategy of sea china. "Equality, caring, sharing" is our concept of talent.

We have "all rivers run into sea, tolerance is a great" in mind, give everyone a fair, open competition, Shi Zhan talent, realization of personal value platform;

We respect every employee's labor, acknowledged creating every employee, make different employees can fully appreciate the creation achievement and pride;

We respect the individual differences of employees, not to stick to one pattern, with the director, as the only, the best use of;

We respect the differences of ability of employees, make different contributions to the people have different responsibilities, rights and interests;

We will provide compensation, and full benefits relatively reasonable personal development space;

Haihua is a full of opportunities and challenges in place, welcome you to join!

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